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 Now is your chance to be part of the Owls Collective and support student-athletes and their continued excellence at Kennesaw State University.

Founding Grantor

Perennial level benefits + YOU/your company will forever be listed on the Collective’s website for all of Owl Nation to see

Perennial Grantor

Champion level benefits +

Champion Level

Golden Eye level benefits +

Golden Level

Black level benefits + an appearance by the athlete of the donor’s choosing at a charity/advertising event

Black Level

Talon level benefits + an autographed football from Coach Bohannon & a player of your choosing+bi- weekly social media posts from the athelete to promote your business

Talon Level

Hoot level benefits + a 30-minute Facetime call from the athlete of your choosing

Hoot Level

Inside knowledge of what the Collective is doing in conjunction with the university to assist KSU student athletes.

Nest Egg Supporter

If you want to contribute any custom amount please call us!